Orthotics are arch supports designed to improve alignment

of the foot and consequently reduce stress on the foot and

lower limb.  They are commonly prescribed for treatment

of heel pain, arch pain, forefoot pain, shin splints and knee

pain.  They can also be helpful in taking pressure away from

corns and callus.

There are many different styles of foot orthoses and the type

you are prescribed is dependent on many factors including

foot type, severity of condition, activity, footwear, weight

and age.  Preferably orthotics are prescribed as a pair and custom made for the individual.  There are also over the counter orthotics available which for the right person maybe suitable to reduce symptoms and improve alignment.

Orthotics are designed to work with your footwear to align and control your foot.  It is important that any footwear worn with orthotics is supportive and complements them for maximum benefit.  Running shoes and lace up leather shoes are commonly recommended by podiatrists although there are many sandals and some court shoes available which will accommodate most orthotics.  Footwear with removable innersoles is desirable as orthotics will take up a little extra room within your shoes. 


Orthotics do not change structural abnormalities and should not be considered the only means of treatment. Most orthotic prescriptions will be accompanied by footwear advice stretching exercises, strengthening exercises and recommended activities to reduce stress on your feet.  Often other allied health professions are recommended to complement orthotic therapy and aid a quick recovery.

​**Orthoses are often covered by private health insurance.  Please check with your insurance company.
Total cost $565 including the following appointments
1. Biomechanical Assessment and casting of feet
2. Fitting and issue of orthoses – Normally 2-3 weeks following assessment
3. Review progress, approximately 4-6 weeks post fitting appointment
Item no’s for private health insurance; 111 = $45, 114 = $45, 117 = $45, 301 x 2 = $80, 221 x 2 = $350
Includes orthoses and review appointment.  Item no. for private health insurance 267 = $150 x 2
Orthoses only, consultation fee may apply.  Item no. for private health insurance; 240 = $95
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